I am Victor Shepelev (aka “zverok”), software architect and poet/fiction writer.

I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and work for Hubstaff.

I started to program in 8th grade (the year was 1997). At first, I wrote in Borland/Turbo Pascal, then Delphi, then C++, then, after many adventures, found Ruby (the year was 2004 or 2005). Since then, it has been my primary programming language, and I am a Ruby committer, mostly dedicating my efforts towards the expressiveness of the language and its core documentation.

I am interested in the evolution of programming languages and follow the history of ideas of many of them, both mainstream and obscure. I occasionally worked as a tech journalist/columnist for (now deceased, but back then quite popular) magazines like Computerra and Webplaneta. Now I am writing for myself.

I have written fiction/poetry since I learned to write. Achieved status of an author frequently published in magazines, but nothing more. I wrote in Russian at that time, which I stopped doing since around 2016. I am now working on my first English-language novel and editing my Ukrainian-language one, written a couple of years ago.