The struggle for better documentation (for Ruby itself)

At NoRuKo’20 (slides)

Language as a tool of thought

About thinking in Ruby, and Ruby evolution.

At RubyConf Nashville’19 (slides)

Towards the post-framework future

About approaches to develop web applications without frameworks.

At WrocLove.rb 2019 (slides)

  • Also presented at Grill.rb (Wroclaw) 2018 (slides)

When the whole world is your database

About reality, its reasons and implementation challenges.

At RubyConf India 2018 (slides);

  • Also presented at: RubyConf Kenya 2017; meetups: RubyMeditation, Pivorak, Vilnius.rb

The curious case of Wikipedia parsing

About infoboxer and challenges of parsing wikipedia and hi-level information extraction.

At RubyKaigi 2017 (slides)

  • Also presented at RubyConf Kenya 2017, RubyMeditation meetup

The tale of query languages

About requirements to query languages in data-rich world, and whether GraphQL suits all of those requirements: