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I don't build systems. I imagine them, then write them.

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I am Victor Shepelev aka zverok. Since March 2023, I am part of Armed Forces of Ukraine amidst Russian invasion.

Besides that, I am a software architect at Hubstaff, committer of the Ruby programming language, author of several open-source projects, and writer.

In tech, my main areas of interest are open data and writing lucid code. I approach the code—and the world in general—as a text that we should learn to read and write better. More about me →

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→ Support on “Buy me a coffee” (Till the war end, all donations go to Ukrainian organizations supporting the military, or for my own equipment when necessary.)


When my other duties allow, I am writing a blog/substack, mostly dedicated to the programming languages’ evolution, writing and reading code; mostly (but not exclusively) based on my Ruby experience.

Before the full-scale Russian invasion, I was working on an ambitionus Ruby book, titled “41 Ruby Intuitions”. This project is postponed till after the war, but some smaller book is in the works now. Stay tuned.

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Other notable

  • Spylls – Pure Python spell-checker, “explanatory” full port of Hunspell;
  • WikipediaQL: an experimental query language for expressive parsing of Wikipedia and other wikis;
  • Rails libraries:
    • the_schema_is – Rails DSL for model annotation with DB schema, done right;
  • Ruby libraries
    • saharspec – a set of RSpec addons for DRY-er specs;
    • time_calc – Simple time arithmetic in a modern, readable, idiomatic, no-“magic” Ruby;
    • whatthegem – information about any Ruby gem in your terminal: general information, usage examples, popularity stats, changes and more;

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